About Us

Chef Renata,

I am from Transilvania.

Yes, the real one! The place where I was born is near Dracula Castle and just to tell you it is a charming place.
My passion for  Cakes started in my grandma’s kitchen ( Manda)  Ohhh … The smell of homemade cakes and cookies…   all natural ingredients … no preservatives … real butter !!! Divine ! This stays with you forever. I could not ever compromise.

I took my first baking class in Europe where I met extremely talented people and I was lucky enough to have them as my teachers. Oh what a beautiful art is this baking business…I fall in love with the story you can bring to life when you decorate a cake and the joy you see in children’s eyes when they see your decorations.
I try with everything I make to create feelings…
This is my mission!

So here I am…Running a home business and following my dream making scrumptious cakes for all occasions with real butter and delicious Belgian chocolate. 

All cakes are made from scratch like my grandma use to make it !

 I hope you will love my creation as much as I love making them. 

Thank you for visiting,